The Range

The Matildis range of Eufonico® Balsamic Vinegars is made with the traditional method which envisages only the use of adequate mixtures of suitably certified, fermented and acetified cooked must. Matildis Eufonico® Balsamic Vinegars are aged in casks for many years. The casks, made of fairly hard, fragrant and porous wood such as chestnut, mulberry, cherry, black locust, ash, oak and juniper, help to transmit balsamic aromas and flavours, as well as promoting chemical and physical transformations through the exchange of oxygen. The process of decanting and topping up, from one cask to another, assists the transfer of aromas and flavours, oxygenation and the grafting microorganisms such as yeasts and acetobacters.

The whole Matildis range comes with a guarantee certificate, stating the exceptional characteristics of Eufonico® Balsamic Vinegar: density (B), acidity (A) and harmonic ratio (R).