Il Balsamico Eufonico® 9 anni Ginepro / Eufonico® Balsamic Vinegar 9 years Juniper

Eufonico® Balsamic Vinegar 9 years juniper

Ingredients: 100% natural must of native grapes of Modena, cooked with the traditional method and certified for A.B.T.M.

Brown colour, syrupy and brilliant, with light, moderately fine balsamic aromas and a good acetic base. Consistent and with the flavour of juniper. Harmonically balanced to the taste and possessing good acidity. It goes preferably with game, roasts and grilled meats.

Process: centuries-old tradition of product withdrawal, decanting and topping up from cask of different capacities exclusively of juniper wood, rare and protected in the Euripean Union.

Maturation and aging: the innovative underground Matildis Vinegar cellar with natural ventilation of the premises to foster the best thermal excursions.

Production 2014: 120 bottles   B= 58,0 Brix   A= 7,2 %   R= 8,1
Bottle capacity: 50 ml (1.6 fl. oz.).

Bottled and packaged by hand with the corporate seal of certification.
The packaging includes a blown glass doser with cork.

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