Eufonico® Balsamic Vinegar



As the name of our balsamic vinegar we chose the adjective that best expresses its qualities: EUFONICO®. The word indicates the pleasant result achieved by the combination of different sounds.The extension of its meaning embraces the concept of harmony, and harmony is the fundamental characteristic of a “true” balsamic vinegar. The definition of Eufonico® Balsamic Vinegar is also linked to the personality of Matilda of Canossa, who according to historians possessed equilibrium and wisdom.

Eufonico® Balsamic Vinegar is the result of striving for perfect harmony between two elements: density (B) and acidity (A) to arrive at an exceptional harmonic ratio (R=B/A).

To obtain Eufonico® Balsamic Vinegar, the density and acidity values and the R ratio are constantly monitored and maintained for each cask, to guarantee the euphonic value of all the production of Matildis balsamic vinegar.

Recent studies have shown that physico-chemical transformations take place due to the effect of yeasts (alcoholic fermentation) and acetobacters (acetic bioxidation), microorganisms which temporarily live together in euphony if they are present in the correct equilibrium and if the environmental conditions are favourable.

Time plays a fundamental role in obtaining Eufonico® Balsamic Vinegar, because it allows the microorganisms to transform into proteins and enzymes, which form the basis of the balsamic fragrances and flavours.

However, without human intervention, time would damage the quality of the product, because the balsamic vinegar would tend to become disharmonious, that is it would tend to crystallise, in the case of excessive density, or to stratify, forming the “mother” or starter, in the case of excessively high acidity with respect to the alcohol content of the product.

It is easy to find products on the market with a high density and low acidity, unlike Matildis Eufonico® Balsamic Vinegar, which guarantees an adequate degree of acidity on the whole range, even for products with high density and ageing, while maintaining an exceptional harmonic ratio.

Matildis Eufonico® Balsamic Vinegar is therefore the result of passion, experience and dedication.