Heirs of tradition

We named our vinegar cellar “Matildis” because the first record of the existence of Modena balsamic vinegar is to be found in the poem “Vita Mathildis” by the monk Donizone, biographer of the Canossa family, who tells us that in the year 1046 Enrico III, on arriving in Piacenza from which he would then reach Rome to be crowned emperor, asked Boniface, Marquis of Tuscany and father of the Countess Matilda, for a special vinegar that was produced in the fortress. Flattered by the request of Enrico III, Boniface sent it to him in a specially made silver barrel.

Matildis is therefore a tribute to the history and tradition of Modena balsamic vinegar of which, for culture and passion, we feel we are the heirs.

We produce balsamic vinegar for passion. A passion that originates from the traditions of the territory in which we were born and live.
We produce balsamic vinegar for experience, acquired in years of apprenticeship, as youngsters in the workshop, to gain experience, culture and methods.
We produce balsamic vinegar for innovation, applying scientific methods to back up tradition.

None can claim that they make the best balsamic vinegar.
But we can say, with clearness and awareness, that we make balsamic vinegar with the same wisdom with which people used to make it at home.

Grapes, must, time, passion.