The Quality

We were the first family-fun craft wine cellar operating with the traditional method to introduce quality control in the production process and guarantee certifying our food seasonings.Matildis Eufonico® Balsamic Vinegar is certified and guaranteed according to three fundamental parameters: density, acidity and harmonic ratio. Wishing to be absolutely clear with our buyers, we check all the phases of our production process. A hand-written and signed certificate guarantees both the limited series and the physical characteristics of every bottle of Eufonico® Balsamic Vinegar.For each year, Eufonico® Balsamic Vinegar is characterised by a harmony between acidity and density, parameters that define a unique and balanced ratio, ensuring the maximum equilibrium of sweet and sour in the different years of maturing and ageing.All the parameters are measured with suitable laboratory equipment: a titrator and an electronic balance for measuring acidity in weight, from which the acidity in volume is obtained, and an electronic densimeter for measuring density in degrees Brix.

Lastly the raw material used by Matildis, that is 100% of adequate mixtures of suitably acetified cooked must, with which the casks are refilled each year, is a top quality product certified for A.B.T.M.